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Public Painting Classes Schedule August/September 2018

Hey Picasso! Here's the Into The Brush painting class schedule for during the next 30 days. Come join us for a fun time with brush in hand and paint on palette. (Sometimes people get that mixed up so wear an old shirt when you come.) We are located at the Fernberg Gallery which is 15 miles NE of Ely on a nice, asphalt road. Think of us being on Ely's main street but only 15 miles out of town. Easy to find. Takes about 20 minutes to get here.

Check out the various painting topics offered and sign up by giving us a call. All materials provided in each class. Reservations are required for each class. If you show up without reservations, please don't be upset if you can't have a seat or the class was cancelled and you didn't know it. If you have a question, you can call us (218-365-5489), private message us in Facebook by searching Into The Brush and hitting the "Message" button, OR send an email to:

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